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Daz Black :
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    LLپیش 20 ساعت
  • 29:20 Me: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

    Tori BurkeTori Burkeپیش روز
  • 21:09 *using my hand as a censor*

    Tori BurkeTori Burkeپیش روز
  • 8:29 Me: Mm, a BBQ?

    Tori BurkeTori Burkeپیش روز
  • 4:54 Me if I was the dog: no, but I smell a burger so I'm gonna go get it. Bye

    Tori BurkeTori Burkeپیش روز
  • "Bullet, If You Leave My Side" I'm Going To Turn You Into A Coat!" Bullet Runs : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Byeeeee

    London HallLondon Hallپیش 6 روز
  • Daz can make any horror game funny

    Holly RalphHolly Ralphپیش 9 روز
  • My names Lucas this scared the hell out of me

    Lucas WhiteLucas Whiteپیش 11 روز
  • Pretty I jus5 loved it how you were sipping tea

    Captain BøķůťœCaptain Bøķůťœپیش 13 روز
  • This is scaring the crap out of me...😧😨😳😱

    LovesMusicLovesMusicپیش 18 روز
  • Inside the Great Deku Tree you go.

    Aaron HaidleAaron Haidleپیش 19 روز
  • "bullet if you leave my side im gonna turn you into a coat." JSJJSJS

    yuh its emmayuh its emmaپیش 21 روز
  • I like your shirt Daz

    chad harkerchad harkerپیش ماه
  • I love how he says *destroy*

  • Daz: I don’t like to be watched! 5.18 million people watching his videos 🤔🤔🤔

    April MaeApril Maeپیش ماه
  • No one: Daz: bullet where are you God he’s bean eaten

    Skeps KerpSkeps Kerpپیش ماه
  • Daz: Bullet, EAT!!, dEStroY!!

    Megan JonesMegan Jonesپیش ماه
  • Sooo, my house is surrounded by woods, and I live in the middle of nowhere. My closest neighbour is like a mile away, it's 1am. Yep I'm definitely safe 😀✌️

    Milo boiMilo boiپیش 2 ماه
  • Me Terified if there’s a jump scare

    Jaz.thegamerJaz.thegamerپیش 2 ماه
  • Am I the only one who watched all his horror videos on full screen😂

    Amy xoAmy xoپیش 2 ماه
  • I played blair witch on my ps4 pretty neat game good graphics, nice dialogue I think its a great game the scares are amazing I highly suggest this game to people who are into the blair witch files I live in Salem massachusetts home of the witch files so having this game based on my home is great

    Annabelle HusbandAnnabelle Husbandپیش 2 ماه
  • Me: *gets scared and starts to get nervous* *runs out of my room* it was dark *god help me*. My jump scare: 5:50

    Sunny _xDSunny _xDپیش 2 ماه
  • .

    Maisie DilworthMaisie Dilworthپیش 2 ماه
  • Watch 5:49 at 0.25x playback speed I DIEDDD😹😹😹

    Jayce GriffinJayce Griffinپیش 2 ماه
  • "Bullet if you ever leave my side, I will turn you into a coat " -Daz

    ElmoElmoپیش 3 ماه
  • Me 5 minutes into the video: **realizes that i'm on full screen** Also me: "👁👄👁 shit"

    Maria The BroccsMaria The Broccsپیش 3 ماه
  • 𝙗𝙪𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙩 𝙨𝙢𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙢𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙨 💀

    Faith MegarryFaith Megarryپیش 3 ماه
  • Who ever made this game is stupid

    Mr SnugglesMr Snugglesپیش 3 ماه
  • "I'll turn you into a coat!" Bullet is trying his *best* >:(

    Xariaa Thy MageXariaa Thy Mageپیش 3 ماه
  • I hid in the comments :) (also daz would too if he watched this)

    GraceXxBlossomGraceXxBlossomپیش 3 ماه
  • Hiiiiiiiii Daz iam Bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fan

    Cynthia ReynoldsCynthia Reynoldsپیش 3 ماه
  • Daz & Ellis have the same mindset when questioning at 32:56 & at 33:01...mainly throughout the entire 2nd part of this game.

    s.M. cs.M. cپیش 3 ماه
  • I bet bullet is doing a wonderful ass job he's just not being listened to

    Dumb and Dumber Dunkin donutDumb and Dumber Dunkin donutپیش 3 ماه
  • “Bullet if you leave my side, I’m going to turn you into a coat” 😂😂😂😭😭😭 that poor dog

    Liz AnnLiz Annپیش 3 ماه
  • Daz: bullet if you leave my side im gonna turn you in to a coat Also daz in the last video: oh I love this dog

    James ellisJames ellisپیش 3 ماه
  • please pet the dog

    Frank NaudeFrank Naudeپیش 3 ماه
  • On one of his more recent videos someone in the comments put all the times that had smt scary I wish someone did that for this one so could close my eyes every time we got close to one😂😰

    Georgia DulouxGeorgia Dulouxپیش 3 ماه
  • Bullet! Smell my balls! Daz: keeps a serious face Me: tries not to laugh so hard I pee my pants while my mom is on a work phone call🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💛💛💛💛

    Georgia DulouxGeorgia Dulouxپیش 3 ماه
  • I shat myself at 5:53 and I may or may not have spilt my hot tea all over myself and screamed..

    Joanna przybyłaJoanna przybyłaپیش 3 ماه
  • 17:30 Did you not see those black shadow footprints?

    NDowneyBoi 1995NDowneyBoi 1995پیش 3 ماه
  • Who's wants tea!?

    Grace RobinsonGrace Robinsonپیش 4 ماه
  • Swear to God If that dog dies I will have a fit and cry myself to sleep😂😂😂

    Grace RobinsonGrace Robinsonپیش 4 ماه
  • Pet Bullet Daz!!!!!!

    Jackie ColeJackie Coleپیش 4 ماه
  • You meant ball not BaLls?

    stitchismyfavstitchismyfavپیش 4 ماه
  • Man I live in a urban area I’m surrounded by the forest! I’m not living my house!!!

    Olive SlagerOlive Slagerپیش 4 ماه
  • Yep

    XxMoonlight_ChanxX :3XxMoonlight_ChanxX :3پیش 4 ماه
  • Few the dog didn't died

    Subber BoySubber Boyپیش 4 ماه
  • Even tho I'm not playing the game it's terrifying

    Tactical GamerTactical Gamerپیش 4 ماه
  • This has 666k views and I bet some people are watching this at 3:00am

    TrippBuildsTrippBuildsپیش 4 ماه
  • Why is there 666k comments 😂🤔

    LJHarveyLJHarveyپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz: "bullet smell my balls" 😂😂

    Rich RobloxianRich Robloxianپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz: NO hiding in the comments get your ass's up here Me: watching the whole video and not comment surfing #NO COMMENT SURFING

    MeilodasMeilodasپیش 4 ماه
  • daz: OMG that was awful, genuinely awful daz a second later: ooh what’s that?... a tree

    Oliver HaslegraveOliver Haslegraveپیش 4 ماه
  • Holy shit 4:00sounds so sick

    Nickolas GeyfmanNickolas Geyfmanپیش 4 ماه
  • As soon as that man appeared behind him and said run, i was like, NOPE

    Wolfgirl48 Wolfgirlr48Wolfgirl48 Wolfgirlr48پیش 4 ماه
  • 23:13 did anyone else see the figure moving in the woods in the top left hand corner on the tape of the sheriff being murdered?

    Angel RainAngel Rainپیش 4 ماه
  • Hi Daz

    Kx yosikKx yosikپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz: Keep me safe Bullet. First episode: Bullet if you leave my side, I'm turning you into a coat! I really don't want him to die.

    Lil meow meowLil meow meowپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz:if my flashlight goes out I’m going to scream like a little girl

    RainbowUnicornGamer3 SRainbowUnicornGamer3 Sپیش 4 ماه
  • I am on my dads iPad

  • Hi daz on my dads my I pad because I rage a smashed my I pad 🤣 sorry it’s just funny how I did it I jump on it like fricking mario 😂😂 how ten year old do it mario

  • Daz:no hiding in the comments Me: f**I this sh*t I'm out 🥴😱

    iixoqtiixoqtپیش 4 ماه
  • No one: Not even my foot: Dad:come on bullet smell my balls 😔😭

    Sienn qSienn qپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz play the mini games on the mobile phone in your next Blair witch video please 🤞

    Theresa PoskittTheresa Poskittپیش 4 ماه
  • There 33 minutes of this, this is how you get nightmares

    _Potato __Potato _پیش 4 ماه
  • Am I the only one late to this video watching it while drinking hot tea, and in the T-party merch?

    【Lyrics 】【Lyrics 】پیش 4 ماه
  • I can’t even hide in the fucking comments due to the fact I’m on my iPad

    Jay McavoyJay Mcavoyپیش 4 ماه
  • Dammit Daz, when does his job right award him DX nuuu 😭 poor bullet

    Dragons SweetsDragons Sweetsپیش 4 ماه
  • Daz first episode: aw omg bullet so cute who’s a good boy Daz now : Im gonna turn you into a coat

    •Fiiery_zoey••Fiiery_zoey•پیش 5 ماه
  • Oh god it’s 2 am here in England-

    angelicaangelicaپیش 5 ماه
  • “Oh no...I’m in her vagina tree” 🤣

    Brandon BangsBrandon Bangsپیش 5 ماه
  • Seeing dogs or cats running ahead of u and not responding to u and later finding it dead or injured gives so much anxiety


    Grace NewbyGrace Newbyپیش 5 ماه
  • This is when you know the world is ending when daz stops having tea parties when dazzlers stop dazzling When daz's comment section isn't a place we can hide if were scared when daz stops making us laugh and most importantly when Linda answers back

    AvocadøAvocadøپیش 5 ماه
  • Wonder how Daz is using the same shirt for THE LOCKDOWN KINGS

    DrizlDrizlپیش 5 ماه
  • What’s weird is that the dogs name is bullet, and my mom has a dog named bullet. Both dogs are extremely adorable!! 💜💜

    Stephanie StidhamStephanie Stidhamپیش 5 ماه
  • i literraly finished this game in 2 days

    Zoe oliverZoe oliverپیش 5 ماه
  • Is it just me or dose Daz comfort/ or makes you feel better when hes playing horror games?

    AvocadøAvocadøپیش 5 ماه
  • WHAT DOES THE DAMN BLAIR WITCH LOOK LIKE?! That's what I want to know!

    Penny The Angelic SweetheartPenny The Angelic Sweetheartپیش 5 ماه
  • Not gonna lie, the “what have you done Ellis?” On the radio scared the living shit outta me 😂

    TheNoobMagicianTheNoobMagicianپیش 5 ماه
  • Daz says if feels like someone is looking at me but in the 1ep it says someone’s spying on u or something

    Fr0sty _F0x567Fr0sty _F0x567پیش 5 ماه
  • Me the entire time was like "Pet the fricken dog!"

    LilyViLilyViپیش 5 ماه
  • I am scared as hell XD

    ΝαομιΝαομιپیش 5 ماه
  • Me wants a snack at 3 in the morning Also me scared to leave my room now

    cameron kuntzcameron kuntzپیش 5 ماه
  • “Is he up there or some sh*t” - Elmo hiding up there waiting to eat his spaghetti hair -

    judith pol_judith pol_پیش 5 ماه
  • " Bullet Smell My Balls" LMFAO - OH and all the breathing was bullet Daz. lol

    Sidney HathawaySidney Hathawayپیش 5 ماه
  • have my children?

    KyraKyraپیش 5 ماه
  • Daz:”I don’t like the breathing, I feel like I’m being watched and a don’t like it” Me:WAS BREATHING HEAVILY 😐😑😐

    Sparks By CheetahSparks By Cheetahپیش 5 ماه
  • Wait the main characters an American cop right where the hell is his side arm

    kiwi woodykiwi woodyپیش 5 ماه
  • *Puts phone close to face, so I can see what is going on* The FBI agent watching me through the camera: “The F-....”

    •* Sushi • Itsuki *••* Sushi • Itsuki *•پیش 5 ماه
  • Vagina tree 😂💀

    Jess DiamondJess Diamondپیش 5 ماه

    Maddie IDKHerMaddie IDKHerپیش 5 ماه
  • POV: your hiding in the comments 💀

    Ava WaityAva Waityپیش 5 ماه
  • 5:50 I almost shit my pants

    Ava WaityAva Waityپیش 5 ماه
    • Ava Waity same lmao

      tchwolf 123tchwolf 123پیش 5 ماه
  • Did he just say “bullet smell my balls”

    I am chicken JungkookI am chicken Jungkookپیش 5 ماه

    The starchy potatoThe starchy potatoپیش 5 ماه
    • 😂

      Ellie 666Ellie 666پیش 5 ماه
  • The last words he said to lanning was i dont need u it just shows u need to say i love u or just be respectful to those u love

    TTVMadManCandy510TTVMadManCandy510پیش 5 ماه
  • This is all about time as we were in the future when the car was broken and when the car was OK it was in the past and what if Ellis was the one that had kidnapped and killed emmit.

    thefter lefterthefter lefterپیش 5 ماه
  • if bullet leaves me i will friking die ad when i find him oh he grounded for live

    Kindness LilesKindness Lilesپیش 5 ماه
  • i was waiting for you to pet bullet bc then maybe he wouldnt run off so easily lol