Daz Watches Amazing Ways People Quit Their Jobs

2019 14 فوریه
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If you need any advice on how to leave your job watch this video lol!
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  • *“i’ve never been to Alaska”* Me: you should come take my word for it I live here it’s cold but that’s an excuse for drinking hot chocolate. So what do you say?

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  • roses are red violets are blue there is a dead guy in the living room XD ps: I'm going off of another video that you made where the dead guy was sat on a chair when you turned around xD

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  • Daz:”to be honest the dog was optional”FUDGE NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!the dog is MANDATORY!!stupid b!tch!

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  • I know this is 2 years old and all but like at 9:45 I don't think Daz had or has realized that its NELK and its a pranking channel.

  • i love you too

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  • "Fxck the toy section" -somes Walmart employee Me in 2020: I wish I could walk around the toy section without carrying a bottle of Lysol

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  • how many people instantly paused the video and rushed to the store?

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  • The George one and the one where he jumped off the ledge are pranks their not actually employees

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  • 3:23, "Boss, may I have the final paycheck to fix my injuries from jumping?"

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  • Ive workers at walmart they suck. Ur just a number i used to work there and had coworker that were there for 9 years, 15 years and some even like 30 years and they were still at the level i was where I was 17-18 at the time. I watched them fire thos people as 9 to 30 year veterans for talking back and complaining about unfair treatment and work environments and having 4 points in being late where if u r 10 min late or 5 min early (witch they didnt tell u about the five minute one for no reason and the only reason ik is cause I asked after a friend got fired y cause I'd drive him alot and knew he was never late and that's what i was told) all by my manager who got hired and put in the position of manager that day and was 3 or 4 years older then me and his grandfather was in high corporate and the main store manager was even afraid of him. He hated everyone that didnt agree even if polite and not intended to hurt his enormous and fragile ego. He would spend everyday aimlessly walk around the store doing nothing but ask stupid and no brainer questions. He'd be doing doing less then the people who stand at the front door and just say hi and bye. He wasnt the only manager like that either most Wal-Mart managers just walk around in there groups of management instead of staying or helping there designated work crew or area

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    • Rose's are red Violet's aren't blue the dog was optional the kids were too

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